PHPGRID is a rapid development of the MIS system, website background, demo PHP class library, not only has data add edit remove basic functions, but also has the form automatically generated, sorting, paging, query, and permission settings, cachefunction, but these features can be customized. For special needs, you can simply write a small amount of code to succeed PHPGRID. PHPGRID suitable for the lazy and clever the PHP programmers, PHPGRID, will make you tired of repeat work.

html5 version of the development plan


With the the html5 rapid development of technology, and mobile platform device support, phpgrid, will launch html5 version.

Phpgrid 3.0 Beta release


Rewrite all the code, removed ajax, import and export functions, the code to run more stable, simple, simple.
new features as follows:

  • Code is simple and does not rely on any third-party class libraries (remove previous versions of Xajax, Prototype Pear library)
  • Easy to use, a SQL statement can complete the basic functions
  • Flexible control, you can easily control the display area and built-in access control
  • Support the Mysql Pdo, and Mysql native function
  • Support multiple Grid also shows
  • The use of caching technology
  • Multi-language support
  • Use livevalidation javascript library as a front-end test
  • Streamline the HTML code and CSS styles
  • Performance using testing tools: Loadruner carried out performance testing, able to withstand a large number of simultaneous users to access, depending on your database performance.

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Phpgrid 2.0 Alpha release


Automated code generation tools, the use of this tool without writing a single line of code you can easily generate forms and form functions Page.

  • Attached an automatically generated phpgrid source tools, as long as the mouse gently point, you can generate.
  • Streamline the CSS style will be very easy to change the interface, the CSS files located in the "phpgrid/skin/blue/grid.css,"
  • A View class, relative to the Grid View only used to display the data does not have to add, delete
  • Parameters in the expansion of the function: replacetheValue ($array, $key, $value) $key is no longer the serial number of the field, but the name of the field
  • The content of the form can be read from the template (located in phpgrid / template)
  • Amendments to import and export the print function BUG

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2008-4-1Phpgrid 1.5 stable release

True sense of the official version, further streamlining the core code, and improved API documentation, a page can display the grid.

2008-3-10Phpgrid 1.0 release